The Chung Chi College Staff Club is established to provide general welfare to its members, to promote fellowship among them, and to foster their recreational and cultural lives. Activities include festive luncheons, the end of term dinner, interest classes and cultural visits. The Staff Club Clubhouse located opposite to the Chapel was built in 1967 and renovated in 2000. In 2001, an extension of the Clubhouse was opened on the first floor of the Orchid Lodge. The 10-member Executive Committee of the Club is entrusted with the management of the Clubhouse to cater for the recreation and relaxation of its members and guests.


Enquiries: 3943 9696


Executive Committee Members 2019 – 2020

Professor YIM Hung Lam Steve (Department of Geography & Resource Management)
Professor LEUNG Ting Hung (School of Chinese Medicine)
Professor TSANG Hing Cheung Raymond (Centre for Financial Engineering)
Catering Services Sub-Committee Convenor

Dr. WONG Yuk Shim Doris (The Nethersole School of Nursing)

Clubhouse Management Sub-Committee Convenor
Dr. CHAN Ka Wai Jacky (Sports Science & Physical Education)
Membership Sub-Committee Convenor
Professor CHAN Yue Lai Helen (The Nethersole School of Nursing)
Annual Events Sub-Committee Convenor
Mr. WONG Ka Fai Ray (Divinity School of Chung Chi College)
Cultural Activities Sub-Committee Convenor
Professor HO Yan Yee Fiona (Psychology)
Social Activities Sub-Committee Convenor
Ms. AU Yuen Yee Mandy (Faculty of Education)
Welfare Sub-Committee Convenor
Dr. POON Kiu Tung (Music)
Ms. TSUI Siu Kam Rebecca (College Office)