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Chung Chi Student Development Complex


Chung Chi Student Development Complex


Inaugurated on 28 October 2023, Chung Chi Founders’ Day, Chung Chi Student Development Complex was built on the original sites of two demolished staff quarters blocks. Fully fitting into the steep slope between the two sites, the Complex is composed of a Low Block and a High Block interlinked by a double-deck footbridge, which further connects the campus of Chung Chi and the University.


Kunkle Student Centre (KSC)


The Complex’s Low Block, the Kunkle Student Centre (KSC), is named after The Rev. Dr. John Stewart Kunkle (1880-1948) and Rev. Dr. Julia Mitchell Kunkle (1878-1973) to commemorate their contributions to the College development. KSC contains a broad variety of activity space, including music rooms, a band room, activity rooms, meeting rooms, and student association rooms and common corner; as well as a series of diverse functional spaces, including leisure corners, Space Ad Excellentiam, and Hop Wai Garden, where students can mingle, study, prepare for collaborative projects, and brainstorm new ideas. 


Leung Fung Yee Building (LFYB)


The High Block, the Leung Fung Yee Building (LFYB), is named after our Chung Chi alumna Dr. Leung Fung Yee Anita to honour her unwavering support to her alma mater. It accommodates multifunctional premises, including Fook Wo and Laura Jee Li Theatre, an innovative mini-theatre which can cater for the various needs of performers and audiences. Next to the Theatre, here comes another unprecedented facility reserved for Chung Chi-ers, the Fitness Centre and Yoga Studio. College staff members and students may utilise this facility to enhance their physical and mental well-being.