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GECC1000 College Assembly

Non-credit-bearing | Every year | Every term


All students are required to take this course in all their years of study. The programme of the Friday Assembly includes lectures, panel discussions, performance, among others. The main objective is to broaden students' horizons concerning social, ethical, intellectual, cultural, educational, religious, artistic, and aesthetic aspects of life. It is hoped that students would develop an affirmative attitude towards life through participation in the programme. Each student has to attend at least four assembly meetings each term in order to get a "satisfactory" grade for the course.


The College initiated "Alternative Activities to Assembly" (AAA) in 2016/17, accepting the completion of at most one recognised AAA each term as equivalent to an attendance record of College Assembly. Recognised AAA includes College recognized concerts and talks, as well as film shows and Sunday Services at Chung Chi College Chapel.


A) Assembly Programme
**The Assembly programme of the week (19 Apr 2024)


B) Topics

Assembly Topics


C) Guidelines
1. General Rules and Regulations
2. Quick Tips on Chung Chi College Assembly 2023-24 (Second Term)
3. User guide for registering CC assembly through CUHK RAS system 
4. For simultaneous interpretation
5. Login to Zoom Webinar (if needed)
6. Road Map to Divinity School Chapel


D) Application and Others

1. Exemptions or Allowances in College Assemblies for Reasons of Major Study Practicum or Other Study Requirements (valid for the Second Term of academic year 2023/24) 





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