Dean of Student's Office Chung Chi College

Since the College aims at providing an all-rounded education for our students, the Dean of Students’ Office has been set up to supplement the training provided by academic teaching. The main objectives of this office are:


  1. to offer guidance in organizing extra-curricular activities and to provide assistance to students’ organizations;
  2. to provide a vast variety of extra-curricular activities for students to participate in, including the Language Enhancement Programme, cross-cultural exposure activities, such as the Exchange Programme and Summer Study Abroad Programme, as well as personal development activities such as Outward Bound Training Programme.
  3. to offer personal guidance in the areas of personal problems, finance, academic studies, interpersonal relationships, emotional disturbances, etc. Through such assistance, it is hoped that students will become more positive, enthusiastic, mature and will play an active role in social life. In cases of special needs, the Dean of Students’ Office may arrange for a suitable referral either on or off the University campus. All students are welcome to contact the office to discuss problems of special concern, which will be kept strictly confidential.
  4. to offer services related to the general welfare of the students such as student hostels, interest-free emergency loans, bursaries, Student Helper Award Scheme, etc. The office also provides information on financial assistance from the Government and the University.
  5. to liaise between the students and the College.


The Dean of Students’ Office is located on the fourth floor of Pommerenke Student Centre where the Dean of Students, Assistant Student Affairs Officers, Executive Officers and Project Coordinators work. Students are welcome to make appointments with them. In addition to handling general student affairs, the office also deals with the application of scholarships and financial-aid.


Enquiries: 3943 8009