Art Promotion Committee Chung Chi College

The Committee (1) promotes academic and cultural interchange of art activities; (2) increases the artistic atmosphere of the College; (3) enhances the understanding and interest of staff members and students in art; (4) broadens the horizon of staff members and students; and (5) enriches the campus life.


Enquiries: 3943 6444


Professor KWONG Ho Yee Connie
Miss Ruby KO
Dr. CHEUNG Mei Chun Jane (College Secretary or representative)
Dr. HAN Man
Professor HUA Wei
Professor Adam KIELMAN
Professor Jeffrey LEVENBERG
Professor MAK Yan Yan Grace
Ms. MAN Ming Yu Laure
Dr. POON Kiu Tung
Professor SIU Chun Ho
Mrs. TSANG CHAN Kwai Mui Carol
Ms. TSANG Lau Foon Sintra
Mr. Dominic WONG
Professor YIU Chun Chong Josh