Assemblies Committee Chung Chi College

The Committee plans and implements the Friday Assemblies, the Valedictory and Founders’Day Services and Activities.


Enquiries: 3943 4144


Dr. CHENG Hon Man Roger
Miss Karrie LAM
Dr. CHEUNG Mei Chun Jane (College Secretary or representative)
Mr. LAM Ho Yan Walter (Acting College Chaplain)
Professor SIU Fung Ying Angela (Dean of General Education)
Professor KO Wing Hung (Dean of Students)

Professor CHAN Ho Yin Edwin

Professor CHAN Sau Man Sandra
Professor HO Hing Kay Oscar
Professor HO CHAN Sut Ying Suzanne
Dr. KWOK Wai Leung Anthony
Mr. LAM Kin Wing
Mr. LEE Siu Po Simon
Professor LEUNG Kwok Nam
Dr. LI Chun Hong
Professor WONG Wai Ho
Professor YIP Ching Wah Francis
Professor ZHOU Huiquan Mary
Mr. KWAN Wai Kit (Student Representative)
Mr. LAM Ming Yuen (Student Representative)
Miss WUN Ching Lam (Student Representative)
Mr. YUEN Lap Kiu Johnny (Student Representative)