Student Canteen Committee Chung Chi College

The Committee (1) determines the general policies governing the student canteen; (2) advises on the appointment and termination of contracts of the caterers; (3) supervises the caterers.


Enquiries: 3943 6989


Professor CHUNG Hau Yin
Mr. TANG Ka Ki
Ms. CHAN Sin Han Catalina
Dr. CHEUNG Mei Chun Jane  (College Secretary or representative)
Professor CHEUNG Waiman 
Mr. CHIU Chi Ming Jimmy
Ms. Fong Wan
Ms. HO Suk Yin Joey
Mr. LAM Kwun Yu Simon
Professor LEUNG Suk Man Grace
Dr. SHU Tse Mei Annie
Professor TAM Hong Wing Tony
Professor WONG Kin Ho Raymond
Dr. YUNG Kung Hing
Mr. LAU Kwun Ming (Student Representative)
Mr. MOK Sze Yin (Student Representative)
Mr. YIM Chi Kiu (Student Representative)