Student Visitor Programme Committee Chung Chi College

The Committee (1) organizes short-term student visitor programmes for promoting direct interaction between students of the College and other universities; (2) invites and processes applications for the Programme; (3) develops institutional linkages between the College and other universities; (4) advises the College on policies of the Programme; and (5) organizes short-term student Visitor programmes for fostering international outlook of students of the College


Enquiries: 3943 9534


Professor LIN Zhixiu
Miss Rosa CHENG
Professor CHAN Lai Wan
Professor CHAN Man Chor
Dr. CHEUNG Mei Chun Jane (College Secretary or representative)
Professor CHEUNG Mei Chun
Professor GONG Xiting
Professor Adam KIELMAN
Professor LAO Xiangqian
Mr. LIU Jian
Professor NG Mee Kam
Professor SUN Xiankai
Professor TING Kwok Fai
Dr. WONG Kin Ho Raymond
Dr. YAN Wai Hin
Professor YEH Jian Hsing Jason
Professor YUNG Chor Wing Linda