FLY Award Chung Chi College

– Find a Learning Opportunity Yourself (Support students to participate in self-indicated learning abroad programmes )


FLY Award aims to enrich Chung Chi students’ international exposure and motivate students to explore their potential through learning abroad. Students are encouraged to further their personal development with an international perspective, participate in non-credit bearing, short-term, non-local programmes or activities organized by recognized institutes, academies or organizations.

Successful applicants will receive each time an award up to HK$10,000 or 50% of their actual expenses, whichever the lower. Students should submit application forms and all supporting documents to the Dean of Students’ Office at least one month before departure. Application forms can be obtained from the Dean of Students’ Office or downloaded from the website of Scholarship, Awards and Financial-Aid Committee:

Results will be announced in early February, June and October. For enquiries, please contact Ms. Jessica Chan at 3943 6993/ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


Download "Fly Award - Find a Learning Opportunity Yourself" Application Form