Midday Oasis – Programme in September Chung Chi College

Midday Oasis is held every Monday, 1:30pm-1:55pm at Chung Chi College Chapel during teaching weeks to provide a breathing space for students, teachers and staff to refresh, relax and recover themselves with beautiful vocal and instrumental music during teaching periods of the university.

Programme in September, 2018


Date: 3/9/2018
Programme: Brass Quintet Concert
Performer(s): MR. Brass ─ Paul Chiu (Trumpet), Yeung Tak Man (Trumpet), Wilson Chau (Horn), Jason Wang (Trombone), Jasper Chan (Tuba)


Date: 10/9/2018
Programme: Early Music Ensemble Concert: The Great Machaut
Performer(s): L’Artiste ─ Fiona Kizzie Lee, Joseph Lee, Victor Mok, Mandy Chu


Date: 17/9/2018
Programme: Voice & Chamber Concert: Metamorphosis
Performer(s): Zoé Bertrand (Soprano), Brian Chan (Flute), Gary Ngan (Violin), Alexander Wong (Piano)


Date: 24/9/2018
Programme: Trombone & Piano Concert
Performer(s): Cheng Kai Ming (Trombone), Winnie Chan (Piano)


About Midday Oasis: http://www.ccc.cuhk.edu.hk/en-gb/music-programme/midday-oasis