Results of “Seeds of Good Deeds” Project Award Chung Chi College

The “S.H. Sung Creativity Award” aims at promoting creativity and encouraging Chung Chi students to produce innovative plans on promoting human well-being or improving campus environment. Twelve applications were received this year. All proposed projects were examined by experts of related fields. The following result was arrived after careful deliberation:


  Awardee Project Name
1st Prize

Chan Pui Sze Jan (Public Health/3)

Tsui Ling Siu (Law/3)

Ng Wing Yin (Public Health/1/ Shaw College)

Yu Ka Ka (Biomedical Sciences/2/ Wu Yee Sun College)

2nd Prize

Chan Shuk Ching (Cultural Management/4)

Wan Long Ting (Cultural Management/ 4/United College)


When Literature Speaks

Pang Tsz Ho (Psychology/ 5) Ohana


More about the Programme and awarded projects: