Overview Chung Chi College

Faculties and Departments

Students in the Colleges belong to either one of the eight University Faculties - Arts, Business Administration, Education, Engineering, Law, Medicine, Science and Social Science. Only Chung Chi College includes the subject of Music and Theology among the nine constituent Colleges in the University.



In academic year 2021/2022 Chung Chi College had an undergraduate student enrolment of 3149 of whom 1458 were men and 1691 were women. Besides, the College had 75 Theology Students, who were Associate Students of Chung Chi College. Most of the students were Hong Kong residents and a small number of them were from mainland China or overseas countries. There were some other 60 exchange students from abroad, which was a drop due to COVID-19 pandemic.


Admission and Academic Programmes

Eligibility for admission is conditional upon fulfilling the entrance requirements of the University or obtaining exemption under the provisions of the relevant regulations.

The teaching and examination programmes for student’s major, minor and elective courses are organized by the University’s departments.

In addition to the subjects required by the departments, students of Chung Chi are required to complete:

1) Programme of Integrative Basic Studies

2) Physical Education Courses


The language of instruction may be Cantonese, Mandarin or English according to the choice of teachers.


Students who have satisfactorily completed the courses and fulfilled the requirements of the College and the Faculties will be awarded the bachelor's degree.