Non-Resident Hall Chung Chi College

Liu Yi Tang


The non-resident hall, Liu Yi Tang, was set up in 1996 to offer non-formal education to non-resident students and to take care of their needs. The Liu Yi Tang Student Association is formed to enhance members’ all-round development in terms of moral, intellectual, physical, social and aesthetical aspects. It also serves the purpose of fostering relationship between students by organizing various kinds of activities.

Enquiries: 3943 8009




  • Non-residnet students sharing thoughts with the guset speaker of the High Table Dinner organized by Non-residnet Hall.

  • Members of the Non-residnet Hall taking picture in inter-hostels competition.

  • Opening Ceremony of the Clubhouse of  Non-resident Hall Liu Yi Tang

  • Photo of the Student Association of Non-resdient Hall.

  • Clubhouse of Non-residnet Hall

  • Interest Classes organized by Non-resident Hall.