Student Union Chung Chi College

The Chung Chi College Student Union is composed of all Chung Chi students. Final resolutions are made by referendum, then at the Joint Conference, the highest decision-making unit.


The Representative Council (“the Council”) is the highest legislative, supervisory and judicial body in the Student Union. According to the Constitution, the Council and four Standing Committees of the Council, including the Monitoring and Advisory Committee, Constitution Committee, Finance Committee and Election Committee, have the responsibilities ruled by the Constitution.


For detailed responsibilities of each bodies of the Student Union, please visit the website of “Representative Council, Student Union, Chung Chi College, The Chinese University of Hong Kong”.


There are eight to fourteen office-bearers in the Executive Committee, whose term runs from March 1 to the end of February of the next year. The Executive Committee is responsible for all administrative matters, and is supervised by the Representative Council. There are eight Standing Committees under the Executive Committee, they are: Interest Groups Committee; “Chung Chi People” Editorial Committee; Student Representatives Coordinating Committee; Welfare Fund Committee; Organizing Committee and Executive Committee of the Founders’ Day Celebration Student Festival; and Organizing Committee and Executive Committee of the College Orientation Camp.


There is no Executive Committee for the 71st Chung Chi College Student Union. Daily routines are handled by the Representative Council and Provisional Executive Committee. Organizing Committees and Executive Committees were appointed by the Representative Council to organize College functions like Orientation Camp and Founders’ Day Student Festival.



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