Language Enhancement Programme Chung Chi College

The Programme aims to upgrade students’ Chinese and English Language and cultural knowledge through diversified activities, including language tables, language seminars and language workshops during term time.


English Tables aim at strengthening students’ confidence in speaking English through relaxing dinner conversations. In weekly Language Seminars, invited guests share specialized language and culture topics with students and exchange ideas with participants during the dinner. Language Workshops aim at training students to meet the language needs of their future careers. They are given opportunities to learn English phonetics, academic writing, business Chinese and creative writing, etc.


The Chung Chi College Toastmasters Club was established to eliminate students’ fear of public speaking, improve their public speaking skills and leadership skills. During weekly meetings, members present both prepared and impromptu speeches, and receive immediate feedback from language evaluators and experienced speakers.



Enquiries: 3943 4102/ 3943 0894




  • Dr Felix Chao attended the Chinese Language Seminar talking about poetries of Ming Dynasty.

  • Group photo on the last English Table in Sem 1 1516.

  • Representatives of each table wore their self designed MASK in the Halloween English Table.

  • Photo was taken during the dinner of the English Table