Music Committee Chung Chi College

The Committee (1) advises the College on music-related matters; (2) supports the coordination of various music programme of the College, including those of the Chung Chi Choir, Chung Chi Orchestra, Chung Chi Wind Orchestra, Friday Music at 5:30 pm (FM530) and Midday Oasis; (3) cultivates a refined musical environment on campus, as a component of the College's non-formal education and liberal arts traditions; and (4) promotes the distinctive music tradition of the College to the public.


Enquiries: 3943 1347


Professor MAK Su Yin Susanna
Dr. Anne LAM
Dr. CHEUNG Mei Chun Jane (College Secretary of representative)
Professor BRENDEL Janja
Professor CHUNG Yat Nork Roger
Professor Adam KIELMAN
Rev. KO Kwok Hung Pele
Professor KOON Mee Yu Carmen
Professor LAU Cheung Kong Frederick
Dr. LO Hau Man
Professor NG Shek Nam Marques
Mr. KEUNG Ho (Student Representative)