Student Hostels Committee Chung Chi College

The Committee (1) formulates rules and regulations regarding hostels for student; (2) receives, investigates, selects and approves applications for residence from students; (3) promotes the welfare of the resident students; (4) makes recommendations regarding major repairs and alterations and purchase of furniture; (5) administers the use of the facilities during vacations; (6) formulates rules and regulations governing hostels and other College facilities when used by outsiders; and (7) supervises resident associations through Wardens in the management of the hostel.


Enquiries: 3943 9892


Dr. LO Hau Man
Professor MO Kar Him
Miss Karrie LAM
Dr. CHEUNG Mei Chun Jane (College Secretary or representative)
Professor YOU Hoi Sze Joyce (Warden of Hua Lien Tang)
Professor SIU Fung Ying Angela (Warden of Lee Shu Pui Hall)
Dr. LI Chun Hong (Warden of Madam S.H.Ho Hall)
The Rev. KO Kwok Hung Pele (Warden of Ming Hua Tang)
Professor NG Kee Pui Dennis (Warden of Pentecostal Mission Hall Complex (High Block))
Dr. HON Suet (Warden of Pentecostal Mission Hall Complex (Low Block))
Dr. LI Kwan Hung Leo (Warden of Theology Building)
Dr. YUNG Chor Wing Linda (Warden of Wen Chih Tang)
Dr. WONG Ka Lok Edmund (Warden of Wen Lin Tang)
Professor KO Wing Hung (Warden of Ying Lin Tang)
Professor CHUNG Ming Yan Fanny
Professor LEUNG Ho Fung
Dr. NGAI Hung Kui
Dr. SIOW Lam Nina
Dr. TAM Pui Yuk Tammy
Dr. WONG Wai Ho Savio

10 Students (nominated by the 10 respective hostel societies)

Mr. CHAN Hing Chak (Student Representative)
Ms. LIU Ching Yin (Student Representative)