Recycling Programme at Student Hostels Chung Chi College

To reduce waste upon hostel retreat and promote environmental awareness, the College Campus Environment Committee and the College Student Union will be jointly organising a recycling programme in May. The programme welcomes donations of items such as clothing, glass bottles, stationery, paper and books, computers and accessories, light electrical appliances, routers, hangers, and table lamps, among others. Resident students are encouraged to have their unwanted recyclables placed into designated recycle bins at their hostel when they move out. Most of the items collected will be passed to the “Shatin District Community Green Station” for recycling and reuse. Routers, hangers, and table lamps will be collected by the Student Union of Chung Chi College (CCSU) for reuse arrangement made for hostel residents in the following academic year.


Collection Period: From 2 May 2023 (Tue) to 17 May 2023 (Mon)
Collection Point: Designated recycling bins in each hostel
Enquiries: Ms. Karrie Lam – 3943 9892, Mr. Eric Loi / Mr. Franco Sew from CCSU – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Through the recycling programme, the Campus Environment Committee encourages College members and students to rethink before disposing of any reusable items and do so only in an environmentally friendly way.