The Celebration Dinner of the 100th meeting of the College Board of Trustees



The Celebration Dinner of the 100th meeting of the College Board of Trustees was held in the College Staff Club Clubhouse on 16 May 2024. The officiating guests, which included Mr. Chan Chun Wing Terence; Dr. Kwok Chi Leung Karl; Professor Chiu Wai Yan Philip, Dean of Medicine, CUHK; Dr. Chan Tak Lam Norman, Professor Chai Yat Chiu John, Council Chairman, CUHK; Professor Kwan Mei Po; Professor Fong Wing Ping, Professor Leung Yuen Sang, and Dr. Cheung Mei Chun Jane (from left), joined the toasting ceremony.


On this commemorative event, the College bid farewell to Professor Fong Wing Ping, former College Head, who will retire this July.


The College also bid farewell to Dr. Jane Cheung, retiring College Secretary. She expressed her gratitude for the support of the University and the College over the years.


Dr. Tong Wing-sze, College Secretary designate, was welcomed in the Celebration Dinner. She is currently the Administrative and General Education Manager of the College.