Unity in vision: Sports Beyond Sight🕶️ is open for application


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When it comes to the blind🦯, initial impressions may unfairly include labels like "they can't do anything😞," or "they need help from others." Unfortunately, some individuals still harbor discriminatory attitudes and prejudices against those with visual impairments😒, perpetuating misconceptions. However, societal progress has shown that visually impaired individuals are continually acquiring new skills and participating in a wide range of activities🤓, proving that they are just as capable as anyone else😎. They lead independent lives and achieve everything that others do✅.


Uni-Y(CCC CUHK) will be organizing Unity in vision: Sports Beyond Sight🕶️ on October 14 and 15, designed to immerse Chung Chi students in the experiences of those with visual impairments. This initiative aims to foster a deeper understanding of the daily challenges faced by visually impaired individuals. The day following the activity will provide an opportunity to our students to participate in newly emerged sports like Mòlkky and Floor Curling🥌 alongside visually impaired individuals. Through the activities, participant will be able to know more about the blind and develop an appreciation of them.


If you are keen on helping others while experiencing newly emerged sports, make sure to sign up for this event!


【More details】

 Target: Full-time Chung Chi students with valid membership of Uni-Y(CCC CUHK)

🗓️ Date: October 14-15, 2023

📍 Location: Crossroads Foundation & The Chinese University of Hong Kong

💵 Fee: HKD$50+ $100(deposit)

*Deposit will be fully refunded upon completion of the programme

Language: Cantonese

Enquiries: Student Exco Phoebe (5449-8669)


Apply now:


⚠️ Registration Deadline: 5th Oct 2023 (Thur) (23:59) ⚠️

🎯 Limited spots available, so register early to secure your spot!