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Dear CC-ers

When considering Fiji, what immediately springs to your mind? Is it the allure of sunshine and pristine beaches? The renowned diving destinations? Or perhaps the nation's esteemed status in the realm of rugby ? It is likely that many among you may have encountered this diminutive Pacific nation in passing, yet the true beauty of this primitive country can only be sought by diving into the depths of their rich culture.


Beyond the paradisiacal connotations of sunshine  , beaches , rugby  , and diving , Fiji stands as one of the world's most felicitous countries . Despite contending with modest wages, its populace embraces a disposition characterized by purity, contentment, and a relaxing pace of life . They hold dear the surrounding natural environments and resources, leading lives of simplicity . Liberated from the entanglements of consumerism, they instead prioritize the collective joy derived from communal existence . In contrast, Hong Kong, a metropolis where stress levels have reached unprecedented proportions, finds its inhabitants languishing at the nadir of mental well-being in the Asia-Pacific region. This situation continues to exist despite high salaries and successful professions , arising from the fast-paced nature of life and the widespread admiration for material possessions .


In the forthcoming month of December, Uni-Y(CCC CUHK) will launch the "Fiji Cultural Exchange and Service Trip" đŸ‡ĢđŸ‡¯. This endeavor shall guide Chung Chi students on a transformative odyssey to Fiji 🛩ī¸, affording them the opportunity to delve into the intricacies of indigenous lifestyle and investigate the factors that maintain the local inhabitants’ pursuit of happiness đŸĨ°. Participants shall engage in exchanges with villagers, forging meaningful connections, while concurrently staying within the humble residences of indigenous families 🏠, thereby immersing themselves in the unassuming rhythm of village life 🏔ī¸. Naturally, the itinerary shall incorporate community service initiatives, further fostering a sense of reciprocity and collective betterment.


To all Chung Chi students harboring an unwavering curiosity regarding the profound sources of happiness that sustain Fijian villagers within a realm lacking in material abundance, seize this opportunity and  promptly register your participation in this extraordinary undertaking !!


[Programme Details]

Programme Period: 11/2023-03/2024

Interview Date: 14/11/2023 (Evening)

Preparation meeting: 21/11, 28/11 @1900-2200

Pre-departure meeting: 22/12/2023 @1900-2200

Cultural & Service Trip: 27/12/2023 - 04/01/2024 (TBC)

Post-trip preparation: 01-03/2024

Post-trip activities: 12/2/2024


đŸĢĩđŸŧ Target: Full-time Chung Chi College students with valid membership of Uni-Y (CCC CUHK)

đŸ’ĩ Fee: $6,500 + $1,000 deposit 

(Fee includes: airfare, meals, accommodation, transportation, selected itinerary activities, insurance, subsidies from YMCA & Chung Chi College)

* The fee has been deducted with the subsidy of Chung Chi College EYE AWARD. For more details, please refer to the online application form.

**Participants who have completed the entire event with an attendance rate of 80% or above, completed the ‘Be a Global Citizen Campaign’and performed well are eligible for a refund of the activity deposit


📞 Inquiry: Student Exco CC (5980-8565)


📝 Application form:


⚠ī¸ Deadline of application: 13/11/23 (Mon) (23:59) ⚠ī¸