About Chung Chi

Creativity Awards Task Group

The Task Group formulates policy and rules on the granting of awards of the Task Group; and processes applications for awards and makes recommendations to the Assembly of Fellows. Enquiries: 3943 6994



Professor MOK Pik Ki Peggy | Convenor
Professor NG Shek Nam Marques | Dean of Students
Dr. CHEUNG Mei Chun Jane | College Secretary
Ms. CHENG Yuk Kiu Amy | Administrative Manager
Dr. CHEUNG Leung Fu
Professor CHEUNG Yim Lui Carol
Professor GONG Xiting
Professor LAI Yuk Fo Derrick
Professor LEE Yongwoo
Dr. LI Kwan Hung Leo
Professor LI Zheng

Professor MA Peifeng
Professor MAK Susanna Su Yin
Professor MO Kit Han Phoenix
Dr. PANG Ka Wei Janet
Professor SHUM Sau Wun
Professor SIU Chun Ho
Professor Eddie TAY
Dr. WAN Wai Yan Sally
Professor WONG Chun Man Patrick
Dr. WONG Suzanne Shu Shan
Professor YANG Yang Zoe
Ms. CHAN Pui Yan Perlie | Secretary