About Chung Chi

Cultural Integration Task Group

The Task Group promotes inclusion among students from different cultural backgrounds and enhances diversity in campus life. Enquiries: 3943 6994


Dr. WONG Pak Ho Bernard | Convenor
Professor NG Shek Nam Marques | Dean of Students
Dr. CHEUNG Mei Chun Jane | College Secretary
Ms. CHENG Yuk Kiu Amy | Administrative Manager
Professor CHEUNG Hoi Hung Albert
Professor KAN Zihan 
Professor LI Ka Chi Edwin
Professor LIAO Yen Jen Yvonne
Professor LIU Dong 
Dr. LO Hau Man
Professor MAK Susanna Su Yin
Professor NG Fei Yin Florrie
Dr. POON Kiu Tung
Professor Noah Charles SHUSTERMAN
Professor WEI Yingying

Miss CUI Lanyi | Student Representative

Miss TUNG Man Lok | Student Representative
Ms. CHAN Pui Yan Perlie | Secretary