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Student Canteen Committee

The Committee (1) determines the general policies governing the student canteen; (2) advises on the appointment and termination of contracts of the caterers; and (3) supervises the caterers. Enquiries: 3943 6993


Dr. WONG Wing Hung | Chairperson
Dr. CHEUNG Mei Chun Jane | College Secretary
Ms. CHENG Yuk Kiu Amy | Administrative Manager
Dr. CHAN Hiu Ning 
Ms. CHAN Sin Han Catalina
Dr. CHENG Wai Pang Damian
Professor CHEUNG Hoi Hung Albert
Professor HO Yan Yee Fiona
Professor LEUNG Ting Fan
Professor WANG Jianfang
Dr. WONG Kin Ho Raymond
Professor WU Ka Kei
Dr. YEUNG Ping Hei Steven
Dr. YUNG Kung Hing 
Mr. CHENG Kwan Wai Brian | Student Representative
Mr. YU Chiu Shun | Student Representative
Ms. CHAN Sau Chu Jessica | Secretary