About Chung Chi

Catering Services and Clubhouse Management Task Group

The Task Group determines the management measures for the Staff Club Clubhouse, advises on the appointment and termination of the contract of the caterer and supervises its operational performance, and follows up the maintenance work of the Staff Club Clubhouse. Enquiries: 3943 9698


Professor WONG Lai Ngok Jocelyn | Cconvenors
Dr. LEE Wai Ying Joanna | Chair of Staff Club Executive Committee

Dr. LO Hau Man | Vice-Chairperson of Staff Club Executive Committee
Dr. CHEUNG Mei Chun Jane | College Secretary
Dr. TONG Wing-sze | Secretary of Staff Club Executive Committee
Dr. CHAN Po On Ella
Professor NG Shek Nam Marques

Ms. WONG Chak Hung Nowell

Professor WONG Wai Ho Savio
Dr. WONG Ying Ying Ashley
Dr. WONG Yuk Shim Doris
Dr. YAN Wai Hin
Mr. YU Sheung Bun Kelvin | Secretary