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Assembly Rules and Regulations




Rules and Regulations for 2023/2024 (SECOND TERM)


1. Assembly is conducted from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.. Students should not register for other courses at the above time, and violation of it will be directed to the Registration and Examinations Section of the University Registry for follow-up.


2. There are 12 Assemblies in this term, and they are divided into 2 parts (Part A: 1st to 6th Assemblies and Part B: 7th to 12th Assemblies). Students are required to fulfill the laid down attendance requirement as set below. Students who fail to fulfill the attendance requirement will be given a fail grade (FF) for the GECC1000/1000A course.

  • Students should attend a total of 4 Assemblies in this term;
  • student should take TWO assemblies from Part A and TWO other assemblies from Part B;
  • the College assemblies in this term will be held at the “Chung Chi College Chapel”. Students may also attend College assemblies by watching live broadcast at the “Divinity School Chapel, G/F, President Chi-tung Yung Memorial Building”;
  • students should attend at least ONE assembly at the “Chung Chi College Chapel” venue in this term.

Summary of the above-mentioned requirements are as follows:-

  Main Venue:
"Chung Chi College Chapel"
Live Broadcast Venue:
"Divinity School Chapel,G/F,
President Chi-tung Yung  Memorial Building” (Divinity School Chapel)
Part A
(1st to 6th Assemblies)
TWO assemblies required
Part B
(7th to 12th Assemblies)
TWO assemblies required
TOTAL: Attend FOUR Assemblies
(**Students should register and join at least ONE assembly out of the four sessions at “Chung Chi College Chapel” main venue)


3. Students must register for the assembly sessions via the “Registration and Attendance System (RAS)” at . Students may also change their registered Assembly session(s) through this online platform before the deadlines specified below. Registration of assemblies in the Second Term starts from 5th January, 2024. Details are as follows:-

Registration arrangement of the assemblies in the Second Term:
[You have to register for 4 assemblies. Please refer to Point 2 again to make sure you understand the requirement.]
Registration System

   a. CUHK RAS System:

   b. Login with the “CUHK email and OnePass password”

   c. Choose: CC College Assemblies (Part A) -> Register for TWO Assemblies

   d. Then choose: CC College Assemblies (Part B) -> Register for the other TWO Assemblies

Date of Registration    From 5th January, 2024, Friday (For students of all years)
Time of Registration    Starts from 10:00 a.m. on a first-come-first-served basis
Assembly Add/ Drop Period    Anytime during the term period, until the Thursday of the corresponding Assembly by 1:00 p.m.


4. There will be NO “Walk-in” arrangement in this term. Students who show up at the assembly venues without any advanced online registration will NOT be allowed to enter the venue.


5. Students should be aware of the following points when they attend the Assemblies:

  • Students should attend the particular Assembly sessions and check-in between 11:15 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. at the venue according to the seat they reserved at the CUHK RAS System. Those who i) have not made online registration in advance, ii) arrive at the wrong venue or iii) arrive later than 11:45 a.m. will NOT be allowed to enter the venue.
  • “CU Link Card” is the only valid document for attendance-taking. Students are required to bring along their own “CU Link Card” (not copy) and present it at the registration venue. No attendance would be counted for those who fail to present the CU Link Card upon entry. Any student found using others’ identity information for registration purpose will be issued a warning letter for his/ her dishonesty. A fail grade (FF) for College Assemblies will be issued to the students involved. And the case would further be followed up by the College Student Discipline Committee.
  • Enforced dismissal because of creating disturbances, late arrival (after 11:45 a.m.), or unauthorized early withdrawal (leaving the venue before the end of singing the College Anthem) are considered to be “Absent” from the Assembly.


6. Both English and Putonghua simultaneous interpretation services would be available. Students who need such service can collect a receiver or get the information to get access to the service at the entrance of the venues.


7. Assembly is an integral part of College General Education and a solemn occasion of the College. During the Assembly, students should pay respect to the guest speakers and other attendees. Disciplinary actions may be taken against students who interrupt the guest speaker on site, and/or the live broadcast, or perform any other disrespectful acts during the Assembly. The College Assemblies Committee would consider penalizing the students concerned by not recognizing their attendance of that particular assembly, or even by giving a fail grade (FF) for the “GECC1000/1000A College Assembly” of that term. The case would also be followed up by College Student Discipline Committee.


8. Students may check his/her record of attendance by logging into the “Chung Chi Online Systems”:, on which record of attendance should have been uploaded within seven days after the Assembly. Any rectification request should be addressed to the Assemblies Committee via the Chaplain’s Office within 1 month in writing, beyond which the request will not be entertained.


9. Other than the regular Friday Assemblies, the College also organizes “Alternative Activities to Assembly” (AAA). The College accepts the completion of at most ONE recognized “AAA” each term as equivalent to an attendance record of College Assemblies, either in the Part A or the Part B of the same term. Students can refer to the details of “AAA” and make registration through the CUHK RAS System. Prior registration is required due to limited quota.


10. Students who need any special support are encouraged to contact Ms. Clare Tsang of the Chaplain’s Office via email (


Thank you for your kind attention!


Remarks: The Chinese version of these Rules and Regulations shall prevail wherever any discrepancies between Chinese and English versions.


Assemblies Committee,
Chung Chi College


28th December, 2023