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Operated by Chung Chi College Staff Club, the terms and conditions ("Terms and Conditions") bind on all members ("Members") of the club ("Club") once the application form has been signed. Members of the Club agree and totally accept the Terms and Conditions set forth and any amendments to be made from time to time.


Full Membership : is offered to full time staff on Terms of Service (A), Terms of Service (B) or equivalent terms, of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (hereinafter “the University”) assigned to Chung Chi College (hereinafter “the College”) or such other persons as may be accepted or invited by the College as a member of the College.


Affiliated Membership : is offered to other full-time staff of the University. Honorary Membership : is conferred on those persons who have been full members of the Club, have retired or left their posts from the University and have made recognized contributions to the Club or the College, or such other persons as may be invited by the Club or nominated by the College.


Associate Membership : is offered to those persons who have been full members or affiliated members of the Club for not less than five consecutive years, and who have retired or left the University, or such other persons as may be invited by the Club or nominated by the College. Their membership status will be reviewed annually.


Corporate Membership : is offered to alumni of the College and any other person/organization as may be determined by the Club.


1. Conferring of all membership to the Club requires the determination or approval of the Executive Committee.


2. The Club may contact Personnel Office, Chung Chi College Alumni Association or applicant’s organization to clarify his / her appointment or membership data in the course of considering the membership application.


3. The supply of Data by an applicant for membership of the Club, or by a Member is entirely voluntary. While such Data is made available to the Club will be treated as confidential, the applicant or Member agrees that such Data may be used for:

  • processing application for membership;
  • providing information, privileges, benefits and other advantages to the Members; and
  • meeting any requirements to make disclosure under any applicable law.


4. Members and guests shall at any time while upon the Clubhouse: (a) should not use any threatening, abusive, obscene or offensive language, or behave in a riotous, disorderly, indecent or offensive manner; (b) should not molest any person or willfully interfere with the comfort or convenience of any such person; (c) should take care of the Club’s facilities and responsible for the misbehavior of themselves and their guests at any time while upon the Clubhouse. The Club reserve the right to mediate, warn for the misbehavior. In seriously situation, the Club will expel such Member from the membership of the Club.


5. Membership of the Club is non-transferable. If the Card is lost or stolen, it should be reported immediately to the Club. HK$50 administration fee shall be imposed by the Club for the issuance of a replacement Card.


6. The exact amount for the dues for staff membership will be recommended by the Executive Committee for approval of the Annual General Meeting by two-third majority vote, and may be revised from time to time.


7. The exact amount for the dues for other memberships (except Full and Affiliated membership) will be determined by the Executive Committee, and may be revised from time to time.


8. Full members have the right to vote, to appeal, to elect, to stand for election, to dismiss elected officers, and to initiate and ratify changes to the Constitution of the Club.


9. Full and Affiliated members have the right to apply for a maximum of three affinity cards for their dependents and shall be responsible for any money due to the Club inclusive of membership fees, meal bills and activity fees etc. of their dependents.


10. Full and Affiliated members should authorize the University Bursar to deduct from their salary and other members should pay cash for any money due to the Club inclusive of membership fees, meal bills and activity fees etc. Non-nomination payment methods shall cease to have any right, benefit or privilege of the membership.


11. Members must present their valid Membership Cards upon request for all transactions, offer redemptions and participation in activities of the Club.


12. Members should abide by the rules, regulations of the Club, comply with the resolutions of the Annual General Meeting and pay membership dues.


13. Any member who wishes to resign from his/her membership shall give the Club at least one month advance notice in writing to that effect. The Card must be surrendered to the Club with the resignation notice by mail.


14. Other membership (except Full and Affiliated membership) members should reply the renewal email / letter to the Club and pay for the membership fee within one month. Otherwise, the membership would be regarded as a resignation.


15. No Member shall make use of the Club or the facilities, services, information or documents provided by the Club for any commercial, immoral, illegal or other purposes.


16. The Club shall have no responsibility or liability whatsoever to the Member for any act, omission or default howsoever caused or arisen which results or may result directly or indirectly in any loss, damage or injury whatsoever, to the member any other person.


17. The Club shall have the absolute discretion to alter the Terms and Conditions from time to time and may notify the Members of any alterations made via appropriate channels.


18. All Members will be bound by such alterations unless he or she informs the Club of resignation.


19. The Club may, if it considers that any Member has behaved in any way injurious to the Club or contrary to the interests of the Club or has committed any breach of these Terms and Conditions, expel such Member from the membership of the Club and the decision of the Club shall be final and conclusive.