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Clubhouse Information:

-Map for the Club (Map / Google Map QR code)

-Floor Plan (PDF / Upper Floor / Lower Floor)


To streamline the booking procedures and enhance the dining experience of members, effective from 1 Sep 2023, members' request of Function Room(s) booking shall be handled by our Caterer directly. P.A. system and microphone rental fees, and booking fee of Function Room for non-wedding-banquet events are now waived under the new policy. When requesting booking, please refer to the Floor Map and provide the Caterer with the following details:

  • Name of Member
  • Membership Number
  • Date of Event
  • Time of Event
  • No. of Table(s)
  • No. of Guests
  • Desired Function Room(s)
  • Details of Event
  • Contact Details of Event Coordinator
  • Special Requests (Rental of P.A. System, Microphone, Table Stand, etc.)


The Clubhouse Chinese Restaurant

Tel.: 2521 8488; WhatsApp: +852 9856 3865


-Application Form for Venue Decoration (MS Word  / PDF) (Chinese Version Only)


-Menu: Dim Sum / General / General Set / Take-away / Tea Time/ Seasonal Set / Seasonal Special (The feast -- Poon Choi)


Membership Application / Change Personal Information / Other Instruction(s) forms:

-Full Membership Application Form (MS Word  / PDF) [ONLY applicable to full-time staff members affiliated to CHUNG CHI COLLEGE]

-Affiliated Membership Application Form (MS Word  / PDF) [for full-time staff members with non-Chung Chi or without college affliation]

-Membership Card Application Form (MS Word  / PDF)

-Change Personal Information / Membership Status /Other Instruction(s) Form (MS Word  / PDF)