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Part 1  12-hour WRAP® (Wellness Recovery Action Plan) Certificate Training (Person-oriented approach)


2023-24 Academic Year


2023-24 Academic Year


"Wellness Recovery Action Plan®”, or WRAP®, developed by Mary Ellen Copeland, PhD is a personalized wellness development programme and handbook. Its five key concepts including hope, personal responsibility, education, self-advocacy and support are employed to enhance participants’ awareness and abilities in dealing with health problems, daily maintenance plan and crisis planning.


Wellness Toolbox


WRAP® focused on training participants to develop their own ‘Wellness Toolbox’ in order to cope with life changes, to maintain positive thinking, and to stay as healthy as possible. The study revealed that participants had gained significant improvement in symptom reduction, hopefulness, positive thinking and self-confidence (Buffington, 2003; Fukui, et al, 2011) after learning WRAP®.


2023-24 Academic Year

2022-23 Academic Year





Part 2   Helping Skills Practice Session





When our friends experience emotional distress, would you find it confusing finding a way to support them? At times, even when we care about the person, we might find communication difficult and stressful when we feel like we could hurt or offend someone accidentally by saying “the wrong thing at the wrong time”, or when we are not sure how to make the person feel understood and supported. 





Training workshop framework:

  • Understanding “mental disorders” and “emotional distress”
  • Learning and practising listening skills
  • Exploring and practising skills to respond to stress


2023-24 Academic Year