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Service components

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Service components:


  • Being a good listener to support emotionally-distress peers, sharing information when peers in emotional needs;
  • Self-initiated caring activities in student residence and campus
  • Service period: 2023-24 academic year


We have total 9 group of wellness activities in 2022-23 academic years.



G1. Hand cream making



  • Enhance the awareness of self-care. The hand cream acts as a metaphor and a mean for self-care. Skin conditions, analogous to mental wellness, changes over the seasons (similar to that for emotions).



G2. Let's Pudding



  • Enhance the awareness of self-care
  • Enhance the awareness of peer support in mental well-being;




G3. Happy Eating, Happy Chatting, Happy Tears



  • To provide a platform for students to understand mental health and the solution of emotional distress through making handicraft and chatting




G4. Thick Toast Tea Gathering 



  • To raise and enhance their attention on the importance of self-care




G5. Madam S.H. Ho Hall Sweet Soup Gathering x Prayer Meeting



  • Through the Sweet Soup Gathering at Madam S.H Ho Hall, the residents can share their difficulties and understand different ways of achieving wellness.



G6.  Toss the Stress away



  • To promote the importance of relieving stress amidst the midterm season, and to encourage participants to think about their favourite methods of stress relief.



G7. Wellness Toolbox Making Workshop




  • The aim for me to hold this activity is to enhance awareness of self-care as well as peer support with my family and friends by creating and applying the Wellness Toolbox together.



G8. Share Your Chinese New Year Wishes Booth Activity



  • Enhance the awareness of self-care 
  • Give Happiness to students and teachers
  • Allow them to have some short time to think about their new year plan
  • Apply the Wellness Toolbox to maintain mental fitness




G9. Meets & Greets @ Cats Café   



  • To let participants experience animal therapy and relax before final
  • Enhancing the awareness of self-care and peer support in mental well-being